Friday, 11 December 2009

I've been really slack at updating this lately, things have just been busy busy! I sold a fair few necklaces at a small local Christmas fair, which was nice! It also finally gave me the funds to purchase some really quality materials. I've been aching to work with lampwork and stirling silver since I started, but I wanted to make sure I was really happy with my work before investing in more expensive materials and tackling a higher end market. Now I feel like its almost a new year, and I'm ready to step it up a notch! I bought some stunning beads from the lovely Annelyse Taylor, and I'm now humming and harring over where to purchase my silver from. Any suggestions?


  1. Hi Jessiica
    I won't tell you my age but, I have a bit of a disability and I love making jewellery, especially with fantastic lampworking beads. Have you seen

    I don't know how they compare in price.

    Take care and all the best and I do hope you you make lots of money selling your jewellery. Do you sell via a website or Etsy
    Keep up the good work !!

  2. Hi Val. I've put in a small order with Palmer Metals as someone I know recomended them, but if I'm unsatisfied I'll be trying Cooksons I think as they seem very reasonable-thanks for the link :)

    And thanks very much for the kind wishes! I have an Etsy page: but at the moment I have no stock up as everything I was planning to try and sell ended up either becoming someone's Christmas pressie or selling to a friend of the family. I'm hoping to get some stock up once my silver arrives as I've got some pretty lampwork beads just waiting to be put to good use! I find making jewellery so soothing I must admit. I'm not always well enough to do it every day, but when I can it really brightens my day :D It's a lovely hobby isn't it!